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From Pastor Ken


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD and SAVIOR.  It is truly a privilege to allow me to take this time to share with you how the LORD is blessing "Antioch Baptist Church".


We are blessed with wonderful musicians that play and sing for the Glory of GOD, and teachers that dedicate their time in "study and preparation" so that they may stand each Sunday with an inspired lesson.

Our Van Ministry is active and growing, and we have a vision of reaching out to those that are hurting and needing a church family that cares about people.  I honestly feel that is what we are about and we would like to extend a heartfelt warm invitation to you and your family.

If you feel GOD is speaking to you through this message, please pray about visiting us.  You will find a congregation that will make you feel welcome, a pastor that loves GOD, and a church that is filled with the presence of GOD.

Pastor Ken Pardue

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